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Wozz Kitchen Creations uses a matte lamination on their labels for a smooth finish.

Textured labels can be created through a number of different avenues, from textured paper to specialty finishes. Textured labels have quickly gained popularity in the wine and spirit market, specialty food market, and health and beauty market. One trait each of the products in this market share, is that they are handled multiple times. While a label design will initially attract a consumer’s eye, the label texture will encourage the consumer to handle the product. This will create an emotional connection with the consumer. In packaging, the sense of touch is just as important as the sense of sight.

As mentioned before, textured labels can be created through a number of different avenues from textured paper to specialty finishes. More often than not, you will find the wine and spirit market utilizes textured paper to enhance their product’s label. The textured paper creates a high-end, premium perception. In the health and beauty market, minimalist design has been trending. A smooth, matte finish enhances this low-key look. The specialty food market has exploded in recent years and standing out on the shelf while maintaining a high-end appearance (while also staying in budget) can be a challenge! A matte finish combined with a metallic paper creates a distinct look without appearing overdone. Another creative way to create visual interest is to use both matte and gloss finishes. The resulting contrasting textures invites the consumer to reach out for further inspection.

Wherever your budget falls, we can help create the perfect label look for your product. You can get in touch with us here, to get started!

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